by justbekozlowski

If you want to move forwards,
Then put one foot in front of the other,
If you want to move back,
Then we don’t look after each other,
If you really seek change,
Then it will show in how you move,
And if you think that I am strange,
Well, that’s surely partly true,

We are moving so, so fast,
That we think that ‘there’s no time’,
But if there’s time for YouTube and Facebook,
Then I think that it’s a lie.
We can control all the things we do,
But we just don’t pick up the remote,
Instead we sit on the sofa,
And jump on the lazy boat.
As we sail towards the easy option,
The world will fall apart,
But if we work as one,
And take the throne,
Then it really isn’t hard.

Just as an individual, owns their life,
A race can do the same,
Would we rather be stupid humans,
Or animals who used their brain?