These words are the property of clever people. I'm just trying to put them in order.

Month: April, 2015

Soggy bread.

I’ve got soggy bread and a soggy head,
My toes are all wet and stinking of dread,
I need to leave, the house again soon,
Without an umbrella, the size of the moon.

I’ve got squelchy shoes, and slippery toes,
When the sun will arrive, no one knows,
I remember it’s face, so I’ll give you a shout,
When the clouds run away, and the sun comes out.

We can go for a picnic, and sit in the park,
The ground will be dry, until well after dark,
So until then we can hide, or we could jump in puddles,
Getting soaking wet, then getting warm cuddles.

I know which of the two I like best,
So I’ll be at the park, and then warming my chest,
For nothing is better than getting all warm,
Now put on your wellies, because I spy a storm!!!


A wakeful sleep

A wakeful sleep is hard to keep,
As your eyes stay open for hours,
You can see the world, even in the dark,
It’s one of your super powers.

When all your thoughts run through your head,
They make a silly old soup,
So go back to sleep, drink nice and deep,
It’s time to break the loop.

The dreams you dream, can sometimes seem,
A little real, or just strange,
But when you wake, your legs won’t break,
As the pictures are words on a page.

A pair of pickled peacocks

A pair of pickled peacocks,
Should make you run for the hills,
Because whoever pickled them,
Has serious pickling skills.

They could pickle you in minutes,
And put you in a jar,
Then you’re stuck, forever,
You’re not going very far.