Sticky shoes

by justbekozlowski

When you feel a little down,
And you’re feet aren’t on the ground,
They’re flying all about,
Making people scream and shout.

It’s important to remember,
The more you flail and fly,
The more that people run away
Some shout and some will cry.

But try and glue one foot to the floor,
While you struggle to stand straight,
Explain your situation,
And less will hesitate.

They will come and help your other foot,
And make it stand so normal,
When you take off your gluey shoe again,
The two of them will both seem formal.

It’s like there never was a problem,
You’ve stopped flying around,
For even a ball of emotion can,
Be glued back to the ground.

And after a while you won’t recall,
The problems that you had,
Or you’ll see them like a funny dream,
But they won’t make you feel so bad.