What happened to Lugo?

by justbekozlowski

If you go back to the start of this blog it wasn’t a poetry blog filled with facial hair ditties or ridiculous rhymes that ring around rooms. It was for my first adventure to Catalunya, when I went to live with a Spanish family and start teaching English. Unfortunately, when something is no longer new, you run out of things to say about it. That’s not to say it was boring or I didn’t enjoy it but merely to say, that’s why the blog changed direction and started to be more about my poetry than

The posts on here will be mainly copied from my notebook or edited versions of what I write day to day. Here’s something I wrote a while back, and then I’ll get down to business.

About two years ago I had decided to move back home from Catalunya to Bristol. I was working some fun jobs and living with super good people. I t was everything I’d craved when I was in the Mediterranean. However, after a few months of this I had an irresistible itch to move back to Spain. I started applying for lots of TEFL jobs here, there and everywhere but with a hankering to return to Spain. I had a couple of good job offers which I was thinking about, one in Mexico and another in Pais Vasco but I wasn’t totally convinced about either. One day around this time I received a phone call from a friendly sounding man called Shane.

‘Would you be free for a Skype interview this morning?’

‘Yes, sure. What time would be best for you?

‘Are you available in about five minutes?’

I was lying in bed recovering from a late shift at work, wearing nothing but my pants and looking disheveled.

‘Of course, I’ll speak to you then.’

I found the cleanest looking shirt from my washing pile on the floor and threw it on, made my bed and fixed my hair to look presentable on webcam. I logged into Skype and spoke to this man in Lugo (a place I’d never heard of either). At the end of the conversation he offered me a job which started in seven days and despite having three other jobs and a perfect flat in Bristol, I accepted it.

A week later I flew to Santiago de Compostela, I woke up as we were landing and thought I was in Lord of the Rings. I caught the bus to Lugo, the mystery, and attended my first meeting that afternoon.

The two years that followed, I was blessed with meeting some of the most wonderful people; students, colleagues and many new friends. I never looked back despite a very risky start. I learned so much from all of them and I have so much to be grateful for. The most important thing I’ve learned is that when life throws you something unexpected that feels right take it with both hands and feet and hold on for dear life. It will be one hell of a ride and there will be times you wonder what on earth you’ve gotten yourself into but there will be moments, hours, and days that will make it worthwhile.

I’ve done more than just live abroad, I’ve been part of the strangest family of friends I could ever hope for and will never forget it. I wish the people I’ve met all the best and more. Without them I wouldn’t have stayed and I hope dearly we will never have to say goodbye and can continue growing, laughing, and smiling together. I’m sure it will never quite be the same but I don’t regret a single second I’ve spent with them.

Buen Camino.