A snail who gets results.

by justbekozlowski

I was on the bus to Monsampietro Morico, after hours of trying to find it, then to wait for it, I was there. On my way. There were many points that day I thought about settling for the night and just making my way the day after, but there I was. A silly old snail on a bus full of Italian teenagers. They flirted, laughed and had a joke with the bus driver. It was a strange invite into my own younger years and feeling like a stranger in a situation that was once very familiar. As we made our way into the mountains and through villages, it seemed everyone knew the driver. I supposed he’s the only one who passes through so he probably knows most of the people.

He asked me if i had an address to reach so he could drop me closer. I didn’t. Nor did I have internet to find out. I looked around at the abundance of teenagers on their phones and figured one of them must have the internet. I had been on the bus for half an hour or so and only seven or eight other people remained. I turned to a boy who was walking down the aisle idly and asked if he could understand English or Spanish. He didn’t (Dixon was right); but he knew a guy who did. This young man lent me his phone so I could send an email asking for a contact number or address and to say I would be arriving soon. He then got off the bus.

Fifteen or twenty minutes later I was dropped in a village on a hill. The driver seemed in two minds about leaving me without an address but i assured him it was okay and not to worry. He helped me with my big backpack then left me on a corner with a supermarket, a church and the back of a bakery. The man outside the supermarket spoke a little Spanish/English and we established it was fine for me to wait outside to be picked up. I had no way of contact and so I sat there reading an hour as the day grew cold. I unwrapped my brand spanking new Lugo f.c. hoodie from my friends Glyn and Sherri in Lugo. It kept me lovely and warm.

My brain was tired from a day of travel so i got to thinking about everyone I knew and wondered exactly what they were up to at this moment in time. Who was on the toilet? Who was eating dinner? And who was going to bed? It’s a funny thought to have and you’ll probably never know the answer. After a while of playing this game, I decided to ask my friend in the supermarket if I could use his internet to send a message. He said it was fine so I sent a quick one just to say I’d arrived and where I was. Fifteen minutes later I got a phone call saying there was hot food, a shower and a bed waiting for me. I was incredibly happy. Even more so when a car pulled up and Filip stepped out and introduced himself. He would be one of my hosts for the foreseeable future and I was very pleased to meet him.