Roaming Rome.

by justbekozlowski

Upon arriving in Furio Camillo, Giuliano, a friend from Lugo was waiting for me at the top of the stairs. He immediately offered to carry something and we walked to his apartment whilst catching up on who was still in Lugo, what he’s been up to in Rome and what I was doing now I wasn’t in Lugo. We arrived in the flat, I took off my bags and both my front and back were covered with a layer of sweat. He offered me a beer which I gladly accepted and we continued to talk on the balcony as the light of the day started to fade.

I grabbed a shower and then he showed me a map of Rome and suggested some places we could see that evening and places I could go the following day as my train was leaving at 1500. We left to meet Lena who had a meeting at the school where she works which had run on later than expected. We found her and they took me to a restaurant which was particularly good for pasta.
I had a type of pasta which was quite like spaghetti with an amazing cheesey and tomatoey sauce. For dessert, we shared fried pizza dipped in melted chocolate. It was very good, with both dishes I had some difficulty in eating but I thoroughly enjoyed them.

Throughout the evening we visited many places, some before and some after the meal including, the Pantheon, the outside of Vatican City (I waved hello to the smallest country in the world), Piazza San Pietro, Piazza Venezia and many others. I was quite overwhelmed by how many things we saw on our walk. Rome is obviously a city with an incredible number of things to see. Oh, and also we saw a church or ten.

The centre of Rome is packed with cultural and historical wonders and is absolutely magnificent. The feel at times reminded me of London and that capital city feeling you get from walking around, ‘you’re just another face in the crowd and you’re in my way’, in my case. In the areas surrounding however it reminded me more of Barcelona, the people were friendly and more open.

The next morning, Giuliano and I went for breakfast, I had my first Italian Cappuccino and a chocolate croissant, both of which were delicious. I started thinking about snailing around Rome all day to the recommended places to visit and I decided to try and catch an earlier train to Ancona. When we said goodbye I made my way back to Termini on the Metro. I didn’t get stuck in the door but I didn’t make many friends either as I bumbled onto the carriage accidentally bumping people as I went. I was an apologetic snail for the rest of the journey and as I struggled through the short journey I came to the conclusion that Romans wear jackets when they really don’t need to.