Workaweek of workaway

by justbekozlowski

The first week I have spent on the farm has been a great learning curve and there are many stories to tell. So I’ll tell the stories from now on as you need not know every last thing that I’m up to. So here’s a roundup of new things I’ve seen, learned, done.

The second day, I went to feed the pigs again in the morning and as I stood in the pen with the largest pig, despite having food, he saw an opportunity and slumped up behind me and stuck his head as deep into the bucket as it would go and started eating the food for the other pigs. I had to pull him out and not fall in the mud, which I was pretty proud about.

It rained so we cut rosehips, today I wore gloves and felt better about the hairs.

Sophie made a cracking apple pie. It was incredible.

Day three: In the morning, José, Daniel, Fabian and I went to knock down a wall to make new terraces for the plants. I saw my first scorpion which Fabian let climb up a crowbar and said it was like the German economy (a comment I still don’t understand).

As we harvested potatoes I discovered that rocks and potatoes look alike. I made a new game called, rock, potato, other. We got a fair crop in the end though.

We cut more rosehips which seemed to be neverending.

Day four: the sky dropped water like it thought we were thirsty and so we finally finished cutting rosehips! Then made some jam. I’d never made jam before but I took charge of the challenge, added cinnamon, a bit of nutmeg and that was that. This morning I had some for breakfast and it was very nice.