Honey, acorns and a fun guy.

by justbekozlowski

Today was the first time a fellow workawayer has left the farm since I got here. Jason went this morning so we had a pancake breakfast to see him off in style. He was the closest to my age which was nice to have around the house and we also shared a lot of laughs. I hope he has a swell time in the South before jetting back to Australia.

We then had a honey session in which we were shown how to extract the honey from the comb and Mariam taught us all about beekeeping and its importance for the future. Apparently there are places in China where people have to pollenate by hand. I also learned that bees have two stomachs, a honey stomach and a staying alive stomach. I’m pretty sure those are the technical terms but don’t hold me to it.

After this and a bunch of scrubbing, cleaning and sterilising jars to put the honey in it was lunch time. We had a delicious pea and apple soup, pasta bake and salad. Watching Sophie and Filipe cook, I’ve realised how versatile leftovers can be. The soup also contained some lentil dhal from a couple pf days ago. In the words of Peter, it was ‘bangarang’.

Following lunch we had a coffee break then hit the garden for some acorn finding. Fabian and. I had a patch on the drive which was largely covered in ground plants and so it was quite tricky but we found a fair few. After this we took down the washing from the line and emptied the scrubbing buckets from this morning.

Later in the afternoon, Anna, Catherine, Daniel, Fabian, Filipe and I went down to the river to look for mushrooms. We found a fair few but we weren’t sure which we could eat so we left them all. That way the spores will fall and make more in future instead of picking them hastily and ending up with none next year. I found the mother-trunk of of mushrooms whose light-brown tops were glowing in the little light that there was.

So as a conclusion of today, bees and honey are interesting, mushrooms can grow upwards on the bottom of a tree trunk (a bit like a u-bend) and brown and green things are hard to find in brown and green places, so paint them pink in future.