Sowing ideas and daytime pages.

by justbekozlowski

Today I was given the task of writing down some basic information and a poem for each of the animals on the farm, chickens, cows, sheep, and pigs. I learned very quickly that I am much better at writing in the morning than in the evening.

Here is a taste of the type of nonsense I started to churn out:

Counting sheep,
Before you sleep,
Is a game to play in bed,
If you play it on the bus,
Then you’ll sleep there instead.

Then in the afternoon I helped make a cake which I can now confirm was delicious and then went to help outside.

Shortly after I discovered if you want to make someone feel unsettled as you leave them alone you should utter the words ‘be careful with the scorpions’ as you walk away.

Then I planted what I hope will be loads of broccoli.