A day away from the farm.

by justbekozlowski

Today we had a day doing a favour for Tommy, a Belgian farmer, who has 140 olive trees. We harvested twenty with twelve people. The work was good fun and lots of interesting conversations were had and songs were sung.


The view was incredible, the company was great and the weather was sunny (a nice surprise). I’ve really felt part of a special family since I got here. I’m going to be very sad to leave this week but after two weeks I’m ready to move again. I’ve discovered from feeding the pigs that it’s easier than you expect to get your shoe stuck in the ground.

The first two weeks have been filled with learning, laughing, making fire, friends and a difference on a farm which I’m still not sure the location of. It’s been a fantastic start, it’ll be hard to go straight from this to another, so I’m going to take some time out in between.

Wherever you go and whoever you are; you may know the speed of light but the speed of life varies from person to person. Don’t think with time, do things which matter most. There’s plenty of time each day, the more you pay attention to it, the more it disappears.