by justbekozlowski

Today we had the day off so we spent the best part of the morning relaxing in the sun. Lunch was some tasty stuffed pasta made all delicious and spicey by Filipe.

After lunch we had a siesta then headed to a chestnut festival where I was severely underdressed. Because of the weather I forgot it was autumn and wore shorts and a rolled up shirt. It was the first time I’ve drunk mulled wine in shorts and then eaten chestnut ice cream. In fact the second is a first in its own right as well. Naturally I got a lot of funny looks from the locals who obviously thought they were off to a ski resort.

On our return we made stonebaked pizza in the pizza oven at the farm. My dough turned out to be a loveheart and more importantly, quite delicious. Everybody made their own and we sat and ate it beneath the stars and much conversation.

As a day it was completely nuts, but as a memory it will be kept in a treasure chest. Top day, top people, top nuts.