Porto San Giorgio.

by justbekozlowski

Today we had another day off (I know, two in a row!). So a bunch of us headed to Porto San Giorgio where I hoped the people would be as lovely as I remembered from my journey to the farm. 13 days on, the main difference was the weather was terrible. Nevertheless Fabian and I walked on the beach (very quickly) then back onto slightly drier land.

We wandered about in the rain and I found some books in English translated to Italian so I’m learning lots of useful Italian words courtesy of Charles Bukowski.

We met up in a café and then went for lunch with lots of spaghetti and wine. It was splendid. Tip for the day: look for where the locals are going then copy what they order, it’s probably not bad.

We wiled away the afternoon in more cafés and we also went into a massive church with great acoustics. Something I noticed was whichever note you sang, when it echoed it somehow became a lower pitch before it dissolved into silence. I also saw the newspaper man who tried to call his friend when I was trying to find the bus the first time I was in town.

On the bus journey home I saw the girl who laughed at me on the bus, the teenager who lent me his phone to send an email, and the jolly bus driver who drove us all home. It’s amazing how in thirteen days so much has happened, I’ve learned, laughed and worked a lot. Met super nice people and eaten lots of good food. I’m sad that tomorrow is my last working day, but my toes are tickling and with all goodbyes there is a chance you will see the people again. I certainly hope that I do.