A decent proposal.

by justbekozlowski

I was still quite tired from waking up so early so after lunch I headed to the river, it looked wet and it was moving. It was a good river. All around Florence there are things of great beauty, significance and importance. The mind boggles, there were things, people, art that are more significant than facebook; really.

I wanted to go and see the park so I made my way to Bombini, bambino, bimboni or something. It was HUGE. There were statues of gargoyles which, for some reason made me think about my brothers. The huge hedges made parts feel like a huge maze with statues at every turn. I found myself at a look-out point where people were taking photos and I did the same. Then right beside me, with no warning or anything a guy got down on one knee and proposed. I’ve not seen a proposal before but I reckon he’d done a good job so i congratulated them once they’d calmed down a bit.

Then I took more photos and was on my way. I wondering, lost and happy. I showered and then went for dinner. Daniel, another guest, almost didn’t recognise me so. I must have been looking pretty terrible before my shower. I went for a pizza with Charles Bukowski then on my way back I stopped to watch a couple of guys busking. The drum kit was pulled by a bicycle and they looked like brothers. They played some nice blues and played acoustic covers. One of the best was Born to be Wild. I gave them some money and asked where. I might find some guitar strings tomorrow as I probably wouldn’t find them in the mountains. I thanked them and stayed to watch them play a couple more.

A figure appeared walking towards me. She stopped and said something.
‘Sorry?’ I replied.
Because of my book she’d mistaken me for a fellow Italian. She spoke quite good English and I explained I couldn’t recommend anywhere good for food as both of my eating encounters had been reasonably bad. Her friends joined her and I said ‘sorry’ again. She told me I was welcome and just like that she was gone.

I went back to the hostel and chatted with the three other guys there. One working, two staying. Daniel and I planned to hit some sights the following day starting with Michelangelo’s David which was just down the street.