A day with Florence.

by justbekozlowski

I was up at the crack of dawn. Farming habits woke me up. Daniel and. I got coffee then went to La Accademia, he was worried about my tired eyes. I told him to give me half an hour and they’d look fine, I explained I’m a werewolf and sometimes it takes some time to readjust. He didn’t mention them again.

Daniel had a Firenze queue jump card so he went straight in while I hung out with Charles again. Eventually I got in. David was spectacular, the detail on the hands, toes and eyes were particularly impressive. Borderline magic. There was loads of other stuff to see, David’s stoney friends were also nice. I played part of a piano forte and saw how it worked which was pretty cool. The gallery on the whole was a tribute to human endeavour and a pretty good reminder of how much we should be busying ourselves in television and social media when I reckon more people would like something you’ve made, created, or dreamed into life than another selfie in front of the mirror.

Next up on the tour was the cathedral and it’s accompanying bits and bobs. The battistero was cool and had a Legend of Zelda vibe about it. On the roof they had the bible in pictures for those who couldn’t read. Then, the cathedral. It has a really nice clock another impressive roof and I went and lit a candle and was grateful for a lot of things. We walked up some stairs to get a closer look at the roof and we ended up on the roof. It was a bit windy and very beautiful. You could see for miles and miles and miles. I wondered where on earth I would end up then figured I’d find out soon enough.

We stopped for a slice of pizza then went to the Uffizi. The Firenze card meant that Mr Bukowski and I were hanging out again. I entered to find another place filled with wonders, treats for your eyes and as it was nearly lunchtime, other people were starting to disappear. By the time I’d reached the end, I was cultured-out, tired-out and nearly Florenced-out. I rested, looked at my plans for the following day then walked to every corner until I found a nice bar to take some notes and relax. The beer was strong and the music good.