Early days and a trip to Venice.

by justbekozlowski

The next day I woke up after a heavy sleep and was ready to work. I spent all day chopping, sawing and moving wood up and down the hill. As I did so, my mind was at peace it only occasionally flickered like a fluorescent light only buzzing to kill a fly. Luckily there were no flies to be killed. In the evening I was given the grappa taste session and a sample of a liquorice liquor that tastes amazing.

The following day was similar work. I found the good wood from the forest and took it down the hill. I got a chance to talk to Ruth’s Dad, Denny a bit more. He is responsible for the first climbing equipment that was ever produced, an incredibly nice man and has a brilliant mind. The first night I arrived he told me about his interest to have an idea or a dream and then following through to make that concept into reality until it is perfectly as you had imagined. On this particular day, he told me more about his businesses and the importance of innovation in order to succeed.

In those first few days I was also shown Ruth’s scrapbook that she made as she was turning her house from a shell inherited from an animal charity into a home and a B&B. I could see that she had inherited her Dad’s quality of having a vision and bringing it to life. Details, minute details, big details and no squirrel tails were obvious to see from the collected pictures scattered around the house.

On Sunday night, Denny kindly took us to Andrea’s restaurant and he could really cook up a treat or two! Dinner was another wine-fuelled affair and when we got back to the house, Andrea and I stayed up playing guitars and talking music again. Monday was my day-off and Ruth had advised me to take a trip to Venice. It was so close I could hardly say no.

So in the morning I went with Gina, Taylor and Annabella to check out the market in nearby Vittorio Veneto whilst I awaited my train. When I got onto my train I started to look at the map in a guidebook I’d been given; I knew immediately. I would be lost for most of the day. My plan upon arrival was to find some cheap food and then work out the best way to get around.