Howling at the moon.

by justbekozlowski

Tuesday back in the mountains.

I woke up early to the sound of Jasmine padding around and generally being a cheeky monkey. I swiftly fell back to sleep.

I woke up again, went down for brekkers then we had to put the posts in the ground. Annabella and I walked to the top and found more brambles, sticks and other things to clear. So we did just that. A while later Annabella went to make bread with Andrea and so I went to find Ruth and Denny. I clambered down through the woods; rocks, mud and branches until I found them. We looked at the wee derelict house that they wanted to turn into Denny’s new pad. We started to clear away the sticks that lead from the house to the road.

Before we knew it, it was lunch time. After lunch I was stacking wood freshly cut from the branches I’d brought down from the woods. When I was done I went to help Annabella and Taylor hitting stakes into the ground for the chicken enclosure. Once we were done for the day, we hit the road to go to buy wine. Gina, Taylor, Denny and I stopped for tofu, wine, chocolate and sim cards. Some stops took longer than others so Denny and I got talking about all sorts while we waited in car parks; unpredictability, life, where we belong in the world and many other things. We also made a surprise stop for the moon; one of the fullest moons I’ve ever seen. It was big, bright and yellow. Then we howled and drove on.

On the way back to the house, I saw a self-service dog wash (a concept previously unknown to me). Dinner was homemade ravioli with tofu and broccoli. Annabella and I helped make a few, as did Jasmine who did a very interesting job. Ruth thanked me for my hard work and said she was happy that I’d come up here to the mountains. I told her that I was too.