Toothpaste terror.

by justbekozlowski

Thursday was wet so we stayed inside. I helped Ruth to translate the website for the restaurant where Andrea works. Whoever wrote it in Italian didn’t do a very good job so in some parts I had to embellish the language (to make it make sense). I realised the effect sitting all day had on my body as I felt very lazy and wanted to stretch a lot. I hoped for a sunny Friday.

The day was not at a total loss however, I found out how horseradish got its name. (I won’t ruin the joy of research for you).

Friday was sunny. In the morning Ruth, Annabella and I finished attaching the guide wires for the fence and then got to work attaching the fence. We were learning the best way to do it as we went. We weren’t aided by the hill which we were working on but laughter, team spirit and silly jokes certainly helped. By the end of the day we’d made a good start and it was good to be moving around outside again.

As we finished up, I looked through the trees we had been working under and saw the sun setting and lighting up brown, green and purple leaves as it did. A picture speaks a thousand words but I didn’t take one and I don’t like long descriptions so you’re going to have to use your imagination on this one.

Today I thought a lot about my next move, due to restricted internet in the mountains I hadn’t really had a chance to look at transport, work opportunities or anything. In a way, this made it a difficult task, but in another it made it easier to think about where I really wanted to be.

In the evening, Gina and I went on an emergency mushroom and rice run for the evening’s curry. When we got to the supermarket I remembered that I needed toothpaste so I found one called the Captain’s paste which had a nautical man on it. If anything is going to sell me a toothpaste it’s a sailor. That evening when I went to brush my teeth I realised that all a toothpaste needs to do is taste like mint and clean my teeth but all the captain wants is clean teeth.