Wednesday with the Oracle.

by justbekozlowski

Wednesday 28th.

Ruth, Annabella and I continued with the fencing. We finally got the last poles in before we started wiring everything together. Eventually we got the bottom wire attached to all the poles (and some trees on the way and got about halfway around with the top wire. The bottom was much harder to hammer as it was awkwardly close to the ground. I tried for a while and Ruth laughed a lot at my attempts, hitting my fingers, nails falling out and just generally being almost useless after lunch. Luckily Ruth told me she also suffers from after lunch floppy-brain.

In the afternoon I started talking about different dishes I could cook which would be vegan. I made a long list and made everyone hungry. In the end I settled for making a romesco sauce with crunchy broccoli, green beans, and a troop of happy little mushrooms. Last minute I realised we needed spaghetti so I threw it in and it ended up going well. I’ve never cooked for chefs before let alone two. There was no food left after the meal and everyone was happy, so was I.

Wine followed and flowed from carafes and for a long time. While I was making dinner, Denny had been reading everyone’s hands. I was to have no career, not to flit from love to love but wait for a very important one and I had very honest hands. After we finished, I decided to finish restringing my guitar so Andrea and I could play again. As I was, Jasmine was getting very sleepy and Andrea asked if I knew any lullabies. I played a few tunes including Here come the sun which I later taught to Andrea.

As we were playing and chatting into the night, I brought up the fact that I would never have a career and Andrea quoted a line from the Matrix. ‘It doesn’t matter what the oracle said, she just said what you needed to hear’. I turned to Denny and said, ‘you’re the Oracle, then’, he subsequently stuck out his tongue and said ‘Blubulubulunullu!!!’