31st October – 2nd November.

by justbekozlowski

It was Halloween and the fence still needed a bunch of work. We got down to it early on and by the end of the day, the fence was up but it still needed attaching to the guide-lines we’d put up before. Taylor helped us a while and we got a lot of it done before lunch. Leftovers were tasty and the curry from the night before tasted even better (as it always does). After lunch, we got back to the fence while Taylor, Gina, Jasmine and Denny went to the supermarket. They took ages and we’d finished for the day long before they got back so when they did, we all helped put everything away.

When everything was in the fridge and the cupboard, it was gone six (wine o’clock) so we got drinking and carving pumpkins. Mine was a happy little fellow with big eyes and a cheeky grin. We had planned to have a fire and make bread on a stick and other treats. By the time we were done with dinner people had lost interest so we stayed inside and played music. Upon Andrea’s return, we played a lot together, talking music until two.

I woke up on Sunday a little sleepy but ready to finish the fence. Taylor and Gina went off to Florence where Taylor is starting to study Italian, Annabella looked after Jasmine, so Ruth and I finished the fence. At one point we noticed the moon had forgotten to go to bed and stood bold as a face looking into a window from outside. We were done by 12.15 and had cleared a bunch of trees and other unassorted plants which the chickens could use to scale the fence. I raked them down the hill, then we got changed and everyone went for lunch. I ate some delicious bruschetta with cheese, courgette, tomato and other lovely stuff then porcini mushroom pasta served with fried potatoes and spinach on the side. It was the best mushroom pasta I’ve ever eaten and the potatoes were sublime as well. Denny filled my glass regularly so I was a little sleepy after lunch.

We walked back through the drunk giant mountains which loom over the ground, the beautiful sunny day was turning cold in the lower parts of the valley and as we walked, the sun was going down. On the way back up to the house, we bumped into the neighbours who were cooking chestnuts on a fire outside. They gave us some and smiled a lot. It was a fantastic afternoon off, complimented by the good weather and company.

I got an early night followed by an early morning with a sniffly nose. The next project was to de-bramble the bramble forest. We worked long and hard, first with Denny before his back gave in, then with Ruth who postponed pegging the fence for a bit later on. I took Denny’s stick with a hook on the end which I later found out was a local gardening tool.

Amongst other things, Ruth and I talked ghosts, life, and gardening. Then late in the afternoon, two familiar men turned up. They worked in Andrea’s restaurant and had been looking for mushrooms in the area. They had swung by to let off some steam. One of them took the strimmer I had tried and failed with to cut the brambles that morning; he didn’t do too well either; but he did manage to chop down a beautiful tree I had carefully sliced around for the previous two hours. Then we swept up the afternoon’s destruction and dragged it down the hill on a sheet of tarpaulin. In the evening Andrea showed us how to make pasta; I think it’s easier to see being made than it is to make it.