A day off in Treviso.

by justbekozlowski

Tuesday was our day off and Ruth and Andrea had errands to run in Treviso so we all went to take a look around on our day off. On the way there I learned that in vineyards, people plant a rose at the end of each row of grapes so that if their field gets attacked by some insect or other nuisance, the rose will show the first signs.

We arrived about 11.30 and to my great delight, Treviso was a walled city; a familiar concept after living in Lugo for two years. It didn’t boast a Roman wall but it was really big and very beautiful. Frescoes still adorned the walls of buildings but sadly a lot of the city was bombed in error during WW2 when American troops had misread the name of the place and instead of bombing a military base, they bombed a beautiful city.

Upon our arrival, Denny was struggling with his back so we looked for a walking-stick in the market while he got distracted by the mannequins advertising tights and stockings. Ruth had lived there while she was working as a fashion designer and she showed us some of the flats she had lived in. We soon came to the fish market which is on a small island connected by a bridge. We sat and had a drink the ‘mainland’ side of the bridge and tried a bruschetta.

The sun was beaming and I watched the pleasant ladies with half plastic faces and their jacketed husbands all greet their friends and being pleasant. They were the older generation trying to continue being the younger generation and frowning at anyone who reminds them that they aren’t. So naturally, they enjoyed seeing me. Shortly after we continued to meander through the river-weaved streets and Ruth made us try something called a mozzarella carrozza (mozzarella carriage). It consisted of battered bread with mozzarella and anchovy or ham inside. I tried it with anchovy and it tasted like cheesey battered fish; like anything cheesey, I thought it was delicious.

With lunch we tried a wine with only sauvignon grapes which had a smokey flavour. Andrea’s brother joined us with one of his employees and I listened to them talk together whilst trying to understand as much as possible. I’m still not speaking much Italian but I am slowly building the bank of words I need to do so. I’ve started to think in Italian which sometimes washes into Spanish without me thinking. I need to practise speaking, speaking, speaking.

After lunch it was time to wander the streets. I mainly retraced the streets I’d walked earlier and admired the buildings. This week I will have been in Italy for one month. In some ways it feels like much longer as I’ve learned so much but in other ways it has flown by. My adventure has started well, I’ve had incredible luck with the people I’ve met and the places I’ve stayed so far. One step at a time is the best way to travel, for the time being, my feet are quite comfortable by the oven’s fire here in the mountains, but my mind does wander to other places unknown, yet to be explored.