Remember, remember. Well I didn’t forget!

by justbekozlowski

So, here I am. Words on the screen once again and tonight it only seemed appropriate (I will explain why later). Before I continue, do not worry. Everything that has happened in between then and now is written and recorded. I just had no internet to publish it.

My last post was sent from a lovely house in the Italian mountains and I have since voyaged back to Galicia via Barcelona, Lugo, Porto, Lugo, Barcelona (again, I know), Edinburgh, Dublin, Warsaw, Barcelona (seriously), Santiago and then of course Lugo. I am currently staying with my friends who have been turning a pile of rocks into one of the most beautiful homes you will ever see. Glyn works tirelessly on building the house that only he and Sherri could see when they first arrived here. As I have some time to spare, it’s only natural I ended up coming over for a bit to help out putting down some floorboards. They’re also wonderful hosts and tonight I’m in bed with a warm tummy filled with curried lentils and rice.

In between posts we underwent the annual mayhem of Christmas. I was in Scotland with some of my family and my main present is the reason i had to write tonight. In the last post, I have a growing fascination with the night-sky and I want to study it more. Well say hello to Mr. Binoculars (that’s yours truly).

You guessed it. Dublin – rain. Warsaw – clouds. Travel time -sleeping. Even Barcelona was cloudy! I have had no luck this year with looking at the stars but that all changed tonight when I popped my head out of the front door and they were all waving at me like old friends waiting patiently.

I got wrapped up: jumper, hoodie, coat, scarf, Albion Rovers hat, gloves and of course my binoculars.

I went outside, looked up and everything was a blur. My hands were shaking and I couldn’t see a thing. I put my gloves on… Much better.

Normally when I see the sky I see the stars which shine the brightest but out here in the middle of nowhere, they were accompanied by whole teams of other stars shining support from behind them. It was the first time I had stopped and really looked. I still can’t quite express without using clichés just how I felt but it became apparent for the first time, that they are all always just hanging out there. Whether we see, look or really look, they are up there doing their thing as we are down here squabbling about council tax, money (mainly), and immigration policy.

I’ve travelled a lot and apart from my own skin, the other constant I will now appreciate is the universe. It’s just hanging out and it hasn’t fallen on our heads yet which is pretty great considering it just looks like a bunch of lights which could drop out of the sky at any second. Today I’m very grateful for my new eyes, lentil belly and night skies. I’m back.