Sporadic Tourette’s syndrome.

by justbekozlowski

Yesterday was a day filled with cushions in the morning, and the afternoon was busy with floorboards and nails when I almost finished the side I had been working on. The radio asked us many big questions like ‘what makes us human?’ SPOILER ALERT Glyn told me it was marmite because robots don’t like it.

When we broke for lunchtime I naturally went to make a couple of marmite sandwiches for myself and Glyn when I heard a crashing noise and lots of swearing. It was quite the mystery.

Now as far as you know the cats were being mischief and Glyn was merely expressing frustration and unfortunately suffering from a case of sporadic Tourette’s syndrome so the language got quite colourful. So that’s what hapenned.

Now when you’re making a marmite sandwich this is not what you are anticipating. Naturally, my brain asked me questions like ‘what’s the Spanish emergency services number?’ (Still don’t know after three years), ‘what would Bill Murray do?’, ‘how much trouble can a cat really be in?’ (They have nine lives and land on their feet, most humans they encounter want to cuddle, scratch, feed them and let them sleep anywhere), and many others but mainly the first. After some bizarre shouting match between anger and concern we concluded that everything was fine on the top deck and I finished making the sandwiches and we enjoyed them.

Shortly after I ran out of floorboards so I showered then drank tea.

The following day was time to go shopping for floorboards. Glyn took Sherri to work in the morning while I ate breakfast (my bed has turned me into something of a late riser) then we headed together to A Coruña where the floorboards are grown in very specific moulds in order to lie happily next to each other.

We arrived, we bought, we left. On the way back we stopped for coffee and were given cold but really nice churros as a tapas. I dipped it in my coffee and the world was a better place.

When we arrived home I learned that Alan Rickman had passed away. This was obviously heartbreaking and I forgot all about my churro. Then I realised that I was wrong to do so. Although this week we have lost two incredible talents in the world, both Bowie and Rickman; life goes on. It’s terribly sad when people leave but really Bowie has gone back to the planet he came from and Alan Rickman will be enjoyed by David’s friends when they all come down to visit us and make magnificent music one day. They will laugh, cry, be scared, and heartbroken just as we were when they watch him. Although he will not make more work, he too, will live forever.

The one thing I think is important to take away from this week is that life is precious. While I write this there are people living in warzones, there are people battling cancer, there are people starving and dying of thirst. The world is filled with problems and if you are lucky enough to have something someone else hasn’t got, then feel free to share it, if you can help, teach, give someone something then you can. Believe me, helping other people will make you happy in a strange fuzzy inexplicable way. If you are reading this, then you are alive. Act like it: be nice and have a nice time. Today only happens once.

Then we went to pick up Sherri from work. I saw one of my old students who had messaged me while I was in Italy and surprised them a lot. Then we got back and I cooked dinner for everyone to thank them for having me.