A man with a beard

by justbekozlowski

A man with a beard can be easily steered,
By yanking the side of his face,
If this doesn’t work, then give his ears a jerk,
And you’ll notice him pick up the pace.

Facial hair was grown for ladies,
Who couldn’t afford a steed,
They’d sit on their man’s shoulders,
Smiling as he’d plead:

‘Please stop pulling my beard hair!’
‘That’s it! I’m going to shave!’
‘That really hurts my darling!
A rest is just what I crave!’

But the women would ride them daily,
All around the town,
The men would take them up the hill;
They’re faces covered with frowns,

They’d wince at one another
As they’re beards were pulled so tight
They’d pass in painful silence
As the women cooee-ed with delight.

Now look, a beard in the modern day,
Is not the same of course,
But some men boast of their physical strength,
And it’s still cheaper than a horse…