Take a seat. (One for the veggies)

by justbekozlowski

Take a seat at the veggie table,
We eat with the rabbits and dine in a stable.
The horses cook,
The pigs wash up,
And the chickens pour more wine in your cup.

Take a seat at the veggie table,
All the animals are smiling; alive and able.
We are all
Just what we eat,
So we’re turning green from a lack of meat.

Take a seat and offer to help,
The cows aren’t great at catching kelp,
If we all took a seat
A few days a week,
The air would be cleaner on every street.

Taking a seat is all that it takes,
To help slow the icebergs, becoming great lakes,
Veggies aren’t boring
When you understand how,
Not every meal needs another dead cow.