Edit sober

by justbekozlowski

An apple a day
Keeps the doctor away,
But you have an appointment,
So you head there today,
He sends you for x-rays,
So you head for the hospital,
You wait there a while,
And you get rather lostpital,
There are shops and sandwiches,
And things to distract,
That you’re not very well and
That’s just a fact.
They take some pictures
And tell you to go,
Is there anything wrong?
‘We’ll let you know’.
So you visit a friend,
Who works in a bar,
Then you visit another,
Who isn’t that far,
You enjoy a drink,
Or maybe two,
Then you decide to leave,
For pastures new.
You have a couple more,
Then you start to fade,
You’re heading home,
And it’s getting late.
But then a bar,
It catches your eye,
So you head in for a nightcap,
And time does fly.
You talk to the barman,
And he knows your friend,
There’s a Romanian with Jenga,
Which never seems to end.
Then the blocks all fall,
And the bar’s closing up,
You drink what’s left,
In the bottom of your cup,
You make it back home,
And there’s things to be said,
About the state of the kitchen,
But me, I’m off to bed.