Little trees in a big wood.

by justbekozlowski

Little trees,
In little breeze,
Have a good chance to grow strong,
They develop knees,
And run away,
If you leave them for too long.

Little trees are hard to find,
Once they’ve run away.
So reap what you sow,
But still let it grow,
If you want your tree to stay.

The problem I have,
Is the woods are big,
And my trees are in different places,
So I can’t keep an eye,
On the floor
And the sky,
To stop the endless chases.

I’m tired of running
After one or the other,
I’m tired of being tired,
If I burnt down the woods,
Which I possibly could,
Then I could only make more fire.

But fire isn’t helpful,
If you want a book,
Nor if you want to make a house,
So I’ll chase down the roots,
And keep picking the fruits,
For all the goodness it might arouse.