by justbekozlowski

Surprise! Surprise!
There’s a bucket of lies,
And you fell into it head-first,
It won’t fill you up,
But leave you more empty,
With a need to quench your thirst.

Surprise! Surprise!
There’s a puddle of bad,
That’ll crawl from shoe to sock,
It has a life of its own,
And will make you groan,
As it often will give you a shock.

Surprise! Surprise!
There’s a window of hope,
But be careful how you climb through,
The floor could be five,
Then you shouldn’t just dive,
Be sure to look before you do.

Surprise! Surprise!
A twist and a turn,
This ride is all over the place,
For some it lasts long,
And for others just minutes,
What’s wrong? Put a smile on your face!