Every now and then.

by justbekozlowski

Every now and then,
And it isn’t that often,
Every now and then,
The world will just soften,
Today I will write,
My poem for tomorrow,
And from those hours,
Some peace I’ll borrow,
As I’ll work all day,
And I won’t have time,
To think of words,
That really are mine.
Just the words that I’ve learned,
To make my money,
And when I say them out loud,
To me they seem funny.
A script and a character,
Tomorrow, I’ll play,
As myself, and no other,
All the lines I will say,
I aim, each day,
For the perfect recital,
If not for my sanity,
For my paycheck, it’s vital.

Each day I watch and wonder,
I’m happy and smile,
As there’s no other like me,
By a long country mile.

Only you know what you know,
And that will always be true,
So please be yourself,
Life will always feel new.