The book that can see you.

by justbekozlowski

Every now and then,
You open a book,
And it feels like it’s not for you.
The words pass your eyes,
But it’s quite a surprise,
As they don’t pass your heart when they do,
Your brain reads the words,
But it’s quite absurd,
As they don’t mean a thing when it does,
The must-read book,
Doesn’t give you a second look,
Despite all your friends who made such a fuss.
One day a book, can look right through you,
On others, it stops and it stares.
The book that can see you,
Just sometimes needs time,
And can catch you all unawares.

When you walk into a bookshop,
It’s impossible to know,
Which of these books will make you cry,
And which ones, will help you to grow.
They all have a time and a place for someone,
And they all have good eyes for their reader,
So, if you want to read about politics,
Think twice before you buy a bird feeder!