These words are the property of clever people. I'm just trying to put them in order.

Month: February, 2017

My tummy. 

My tummy has no space,

No planets, moons, or alien race,

My tummy has no room, 

For a pasta, fridge or icing-groom,

My tummy is busy, 

As it has just eaten, 

Please try again later,

To arrange a meeting.



‘I’m giving up chocolate for lent’,

Are you mad? You’ll look like a dent. 

You’re all lovely and soft like a peach,

Why be hard like a pebbly beach?
‘I’m giving up drinking for lent’,

Well please go and live in a tent,

I don’t need to hear,

That you’re missing your beer,

So I’d rather that you just went.
‘I’m giving up smoking for lent’

That’s a great idea.
I’m not giving up anything for lent,

But I’ll try some new things instead,

As it’s nearly spring,

New things it will bring,

Like music, and freshly baked bread.

Not so sleepy-head.

When you awake in the mid of the night,

Your brain’s faster than the speed of light,

There’s so much to think,

But it falls down the sink,

And before long, the world’s getting bright.

A slimey old slug.

A slimey old slug,

Caught a terrible bug,

And it ate him. 

This year is a Concorde.

February is almost done,

It’s amazing how time can sometimes run,

There are moments which drag,

Like a razor through hair,

But it flies away if you just don’t care.

Last night a man asked me what I wanted to do,

I told him, ‘be happy’,

On his face, just confusion,

Was all that this drew.

I write and I sing, 

And I like to help folks,

I’ll start caring about careers,

When there not all such jokes.

I’m content and I’m living,

And that’s all I want to be,

While I keep trying to invent the job,

That will work best for me.

I don’t fit in  most boxes,

Nor do I hammer screws,

I get the job done nicely,

As that I what I choose.

Time is a journey,

Where you don’t need roads,

But make sure that you step lightly,

And don’t squish any little toads.

Life and that.

The easiest way to be,

Is straight-up and honest,

Don’t hide in the bushes,

Or you’ll get lost in the forest.

The hardest thing to do,

Can be telling the truth,

When you know it might hurt, 

Someone else if you do.

The nicest thing to do,

Is to talk with a friend,

And ask the questions to which answers,

May never ever end.

But as long as you’re living,

Don’t go wasting time,

In a world so busy with worry,

It is our greatest crime.

Closing time.

I had quite a good night’s sleep,

Which is quite a big relief,

I dreamed of an organ in a basement,

And a piano, in a bar,

In a cave.
A man had his leg pressed to my head,

I had to move first, 

Is what he had said,

The world was a mush and it all moved around,

A bit like this, but my feet didn’t touch the ground.

The people flood in,

At closing time,

Trying to spend their money,

To drink and dine,

But I politely said, 

It’s too late for that,

I just go home to feed my cat.

You see it’s fat,

Because it understands the importance of timing.


Today has been a day,

Of upside downs,

Of smiles and frowns,

Of hills and towns,

And desserts that drown.

Today has been a day,

That makes no sense,

For twelvty pence,

Or a mercedes benz.

Today has been a day,

When everything happened,

Maybe the moons in Saturn,

Or I’m a mad-hatter; 

All I know,

Is I need a shower, 

I’m out of power, 

Like a dying flower,

A little water,

Just maybe oughta,

Coax me into sleep,

I’ll be a clean washed heap,

And take a leap,

Into the wildest of my dreams.

Day off

Busy days off,

Are good for the soul,

They keep your legs warm,

And that’s my only goal.

Cold feet under my ankles,

Make for dancing funny,

And if I’m dancing, you’ll be laughing,

Until it gets all sunny.

An idea.

When you don’t know quite how to explain,

A thing that is inside your brain,

Try throwing spaghetti,

Off the end of a jetty,

And washing yourself in the rain.