A cup of tea

by justbekozlowski

A cup of tea, is enough for me,
To write a hundred books,
Some people prefer a coffee,
So I give them suspicious looks.

Some people drink Ribena,
Which is water in disguise,
It’s like eating a jacket potato,
Hidden in a pie.

Some people like to drink a beer,
And make their brain go mushy,
It also helps increase the size,
Of your belly and your tushy.

A cup of tea is enough for me,
To smile and be okay,
Especially if I’m sleepy,
And it’s a grey and rainy day.

A cup of tea is enough for me,
To have a lovely chat,
Of songs about badgers eating cheese,
And eating this or that.

A cup of tea is enough for me,
But maybe I’ll add some honey,
As those who like honey are often funny,
And speak a bit like they’re brummy.