by justbekozlowski

Honesty is a dish,
Which is best served cold,
No truer truths have been telt, telled or told.

Honesty is a song with abrupt stops and starts,
And each dance break is filled,
With noisy wet farts.

Honesty is a book,
With no middle or end,
It just keeps on going until it stops.

Honesty is a poem,
That doesn’t want to always rhyme.
So sometimes it doesn’t.

Honesty is important,
Honesty is brave,
Honesty is OMG,
It’s my absolute fave.

Honesty is silly,
And honesty can be fun,
When you tell someone something,
You’ve told to no one.

Honesty is a shower,
When you forgot your towel,
Or that slow worm you killed,
With a gardening trowel.

Honesty is sharing friends’ stories in a poem.
Or are they my own, which is why they are flowing?

Honesty is a pancake,
You made for another,
But you then got too hungry,
So you made them another.