This year is a Concorde.

by justbekozlowski

February is almost done,

It’s amazing how time can sometimes run,

There are moments which drag,

Like a razor through hair,

But it flies away if you just don’t care.

Last night a man asked me what I wanted to do,

I told him, ‘be happy’,

On his face, just confusion,

Was all that this drew.

I write and I sing, 

And I like to help folks,

I’ll start caring about careers,

When there not all such jokes.

I’m content and I’m living,

And that’s all I want to be,

While I keep trying to invent the job,

That will work best for me.

I don’t fit in  most boxes,

Nor do I hammer screws,

I get the job done nicely,

As that I what I choose.

Time is a journey,

Where you don’t need roads,

But make sure that you step lightly,

And don’t squish any little toads.