The importance of letters

by justbekozlowski

There once was a man,

Who read a book,

And from that book,

He learned to crook.

Now to look at a crook,

Is not to look at a book,

Nor from every book,

Can you learn how to look.

Just as the crook had read the book,

The world around him now heavily shook,

So the crook decided to read a different book.

The book he read was learning to cook,

Then from that book he became a cook,

So the cook who cooked stook,

And was never again a crook,

That my dear friends is the importance of letters,

When choosing to read a book. 

What they are is one thing, 

But what they do’s another,

So pick them wisely,

And always remember,

You are what you read,

So always bother.