We are all monkeys.

by justbekozlowski

We are all monkeys,

With a little less hair,

We grew from a species,

Who eat veg and they share.

We are all monkeys,

We come from the Earth,

But we seem to forget,

How much it is worth.

The ground is the root,

Of our living today,

Like many other species,

Who love, and they play.

We can eat a cow,

As it’s stupid and fat,

But we never would dream of eating a cat.

Pigs that can dream, 

Also appear on the list,

Of things that are tasty to put on a dish.

‘It’s so hard to change,

When you’ve eaten meat for ages’,

Perhaps we could change,

If we lived in their cages.

The chicken,

The cow,

The pig,

And the fish,

Are all murdered,

With our money,

And always at our wish.

We are all monkeys,

With a little less hair,

We’re killing the planet,

Because we don’t really care.

Perhaps it will taste,

A little less nice,

When there’s no air to breathe,

And no more polar ice.

We’re killing the planet,

Just to feed,

The outdated idea that,

‘That’s what we need.’

I too, am a culprit,

But it’s not too late,

To wash the blood off our hands,

With some soil on our plates.