The unknown.

by justbekozlowski

The unknown is exciting,

The unknown is the best,

We don’t know where it lives,

It’s like a buried treasure chest.

The unknown is elusive,

It can make your life like hell,

But if you dare to dream a bit,

It can fill your heart as well,

The unknown is a joy to see,

As we don’t see it often enough,

It’s always there, 

Under the stair,

But to catch it can be tough.

The unknown is like cling film,

You don’t know where it ends,

And when you think you’ve worked it out,

It breaks or sticks or bends.

The unknown should be looked at,

And studied as a treat,

As everyone has their own unknown,

At the tips of the toes on their feet.

Which way do my feet take me?

Or, which way do I wish to go?

Am I walking much too fast?

I thought it felt quite slow.

The unknown is a poem now,

And that much we surely know,

To say any more,

Would be a great flaw,

So let’s learn something that we don’t know.