by justbekozlowski

Through frost-biten London, 

I walked a dream,

Boots filled with snow,

My toes in its stream.

I walked my boots abroad,

Conquered mountains new,

And as I kept on walking,

I grew out of my frosty shoes.

The shoes they are long gone now,

Living in a pile of things,

The dreams that they once carried,

Soared and now they sing.

I sit barefoot on carpet,

Though I remember all the fields,

The ones that I have worked in,

And how the sunshine feels,

Working long,

Sleeping little,

Living to sweat and toil,

Playing music late,

And often drinking,

The warmth of the midnight oil.

I find myself surrounded,

By less stars than I have seen,

But knowing they’re there,

Still makes me stare,

Knowing that I can afford to dream.