Mosquito, Mosquito,

I hear you singing,

Around my tired ears, 

Your buzzing keeps ringing.
Mosquito, Mosquito,

I’m trying to sleep,

I keep my bedroom door shut,

To keep out crawlies and creeps.
Mosquito, Mosquito,

Don’t make me turn the light on,

There’ll be nowhere to hide,

As it’s an awfully ‘wake-you-up-bright’ one.
Mosquito, Mosquito,

 Your siren of war,

Has stirred me like tea from slumber,

So you’d better pass back through the door.
Mosquito, Mosquito,

On my headboard you threaten,

As I sleep in the heat,

And my brow starts to sweaten.
Mosquito, Mosquito,

I’m reading a book, 

It’s on my bedside table, 

Would you like to take a look?
Mosquito, Mosquito,

Please just fly away,
I’ve no need for morning murder,

That’s no way to start the day.
Mosquito, Moquito,

I hope you enjoyed the read,

I suppose what you’ve red is mine,

As we both begin to bleed.