These words are the property of clever people. I'm just trying to put them in order.

Month: February, 2014

A missing friend.

We all have a friend
Who drives us round the bend,
But when they’re gone it’s worse.

You lose their smiles
And them getting you riled
It’s like you’ve become cursed.

It doesn’t matter, how hard you try
The smiles you make don’t cut it
They tickle with words
And you become birds
Just flying on laughter together.

So volver my friend,
Or perhaps I’ll have to
Just pay you a visit
’cause your face is funny
And your words are silly
And time zones are not exquisite.


The rain is just lonely.

Maybe the rain
Won’t go away
Because it just wants a hug.

It gets you soaked through
And ruins your shoes
Which sit wet and scruffy on rugs.

The rain is a friend
But you have to lend it
Two arms for it to feel loved.

Because if you don’t
Then leave you it won’t
But just fall on your head from above.

Monday morning.

Sleepy eyes
Sleepy eyes
Open! Awake!
Sleepy eyes it’s Monday
For goodness sake!
Sleepy eyes wake up
It’s time to work
No time to dream
No sleepy perks.
Sleepy eyes sleepy eyes
Please open up
It’s tricky I know
Here’s coffee and cup
Sleepy eyes maybe
you’re right in the head
Perhaps we could have
Five more minutes in bed.

Half past pyjama

It’s half past pyjama
There’s no need for drama
We could be alarmed
But it’s good to be calmer.

If we start thinking
Of all sorts of things
Like witches and carrots
And frogs who are kings,

Then sooner or later
A time’s bound to come
When sleep runs away
And dreams aren’t as fun.

The dreams that wanted
To be in your brain
Have all run away
And are washed down the drain.

So now you are thinking
The strangest of things,
No logic, no sense
Then your alarm rings.

Spotty bananas

Spotty bananas
Wearing bandanas
Maybe they’re up to no good.

There goes trouble
Rolling in rubble
And now they don’t taste like food.

Spotty bananas are scaredy pantses
Running away from tiny antses
If they get caught they’ll peel.

If bananas were good
Then they surely would
Make a delicious meal.