These words are the property of clever people. I'm just trying to put them in order.

Month: April, 2016

A little old book

A little old book,
Gets a little old look,
‘I’ll read this one later’,
Then leave it in a nook.
‘I mustn’t forget this,
I know that I might’
And the memory goes,
When the book’s out of sight.
I need a whole shelf
For all my little books
Somewhere I’ll remember
And a place that I’ll look
Perhaps in the toilet
But they might just fall in
I wouldn’t want pages
Like soggy old things.
So I think that I’ll put them
Right by my bed
On a shelf I’ll remember
When I bump my head.


A rainy day

A rainy day
In nearly May
Is making people cry,

A drizzly day
Might be okay
As long as
It’s not here to stay

A sunny day’s
One dreamy phase
Which transports you
To another place

But today there’s rain
Which causes pain
So we cry
And make more rain again.

The accidental pizza.

Once I got a pizza,
I got it by mistake,
I didn’t want a thing at all,
Not cheese nor bready base,
But once I had the pizza,
I thought to myself; ‘why not?’
So then I ate the pizza,
And now I want to eat a lot.