These words are the property of clever people. I'm just trying to put them in order.

Month: February, 2015


Pyjamas are quite cozy,
And can even be quite snug,
Pyjamas are like clothes,
When you want to wear a rug.
Pyjamas are the best,
They beat wearing a shirt,
But it’s time to take them off,
As I have to go to work.


The frost.

I sat by my balcony,
Not on but inside,
The cold gives me more
Than one reason to hide,
My toes might freeze off,
And so could my ears,
So I watch the world frost;
From inside, I peer.

Silly sandals.

A wandering man in the rain,
Will never wear sandals again,
He wore them through mud,
Just after a flood,
And his feet were never the same.

Frost bite

A frost bitten morning,
Was a snow-munched day,
The forgotten snowballs,
On the roofs of cars,
Still lay.

But for some,
It was the first,
I’m sure they’ll never forget,
That when snow goes inside,
It just gets wet.

Safe distance.

If you stand far enough away,
Any problem can seem small.
But be careful if you try this,
As it might not be at all.
One day I ran from a dinosaur,
I thought my problem solved.
So I took a nap beneath a tree,
Then I woke up in his bowl.
He put ketchup on my head,
And pepper on my eyes,
It made me sneeze,
Right in his face,
To his short-armed Dino surprise.
He got a fright and lost his sight,
When the ketchup hit his lenses,
I was off, like milk in a trough,
Caught up in a heat wave frenzy.