These words are the property of clever people. I'm just trying to put them in order.

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V is for Velcro.

Velcro is rough

And velcro is soft,

If you can’t tie your shoes,

Then velcro’s the stuff.

Velcro is yucky,

When it gets all soggy,

Like a walk in the rain,

With your favourite doggy.

Velcro can fix,

Almost anything,

From doorhandles, soup bowls,

And diamond rings.

So thank you dear velcro,

You really are great!

Without you we’d be eating from smashed-up plates!


U is for Unicorn.

They say that a unicorn’s friendly

But why does it carry a horn;

Unless it’s trying to jab us,

Or maybe it’s filled with scorn.

A unicorn’s supposed to be lovely,

But it’s just like a narwhal with legs,

Why are our tastes so sea-ist? 

Can’t we just love pointy whales instead? 

T is for Travel.

To travel is to explore

How to get from A to B

It’s also a way to learn

All the words that people speak

Sounds and smells so foreign

But the foreigner is you

When your world’s placed inside another

You get a whole new point of view.

The world looks so much clearer

When it’s all completely new

Every day is an adventure

A new place to take your shoes.

S is for Sleep.

Sleep is when you get to stop,

And let everything just rest,

Whether you’re tired from doing sports,

Or stressed about a test.

Sleep is when you get to dream,

Your brain is a film director,

Or the option is there,

To fly through the air,

You are the dream selector.

Sleep is a time the world can’t see you,

Unless you’re asleep on a plane,

Make sure you don’t dribble on strangers,

Or they might just do the same!

R is for Reading.

Reading is a pleasure,

A rather luxurious endeavour,

To enable your brain to learn or dream,

Anything whatsoever.

Whether imagine unvisited places,

Or learn about the stars,

A book can teach you anything,

Even how to drive a car!

Reading is a blessing,

Not everyone’s taught how to do,

I’m eternally grateful for this skill,

So I’m off to read a book or two! 

Q is for Quiz”

Quizzes are questions

To solve quibbles and qualms

To make people happy

With their interesting charms.

Quizzes quan queate

Queative and queen minds

In our quizzical quest for qnowledge

Only answers quan we find.

P is for Pencil.

Pencils can express, 

A picture or idea,

Words can be written with haste,

Or take the best part of a year.

Pencils sometimes feel endless,

But eventually run out of gas,

And if you sharpen them too often,

They will be gone in a flash! 

Pencils are capable of anything,

You really want to creat,

So pick up a pencil and do something,

Before it’s much too late! 

O is for October.

In the long month of October,

The temperatures start to drop,

It goes from sunny and warm,

To cold and raining a lot.

I know that for some people,

This time is really a bore,

As they miss the sun and being hot,

So they’re always left wanting more.

But, my friends, the seasons change,

And that’s a reason to smile,

Our planet still nods,

On its two polar rods,

So we’re safe to stay for a while!

N is for Night

Night is the time, 

Our brains get to dream,

Not worry about to-do lists,

Or the plates we need to clean.

Night is for sleeping,

Althought sometimes it’s tricky,

When your head fills with ideas,

And they all get rather sticky.

Thoughts for the day get stuck like treacle,

And they struggle to move from my brain,

Eventually they all return to rest,

I wish I could do the same! 

M is for Music.

Music can be happy,

Music can be sad,

If you play the right song to your problem,

You can make it half as bad.
Music is the last dance,

The first kiss,

And the middle 8,

So you probably won’t like music,

I’m just joking, music’s great.
Music’s got something for everyone,

There are tunes to please us all,

Like a never-ending sonic wardrobe,

With infinite musical walls!