These words are the property of clever people. I'm just trying to put them in order.

Month: August, 2015

Don’t blink

Fish just want to blink,
That’s all that they can think,
It’s why they soon forget,
That they need to have a drink.
Imagine having chilli gloves,
And an itchy eye,
Only real concentration,
Would keep you from going blind.
Just one touch is all it takes,
Then you’re eyes will stop to work
Now pity those who swim in lakes,
Who cannot swim but twerk.
The dance that keeps them, going mad,
Helps them never blink,
For as they shuffle,
And blow they’re bubbles,
They know they’ll never sink.


A far cry from cheese.

Goodness me,
I said to myself,
‘How can they call this cheese?’
Said a friend of mine,
‘I do not know,
But it brings shakes to my knees’
Then I said, kneeling,
‘I know the feeling,
I got caught by the breeze,
Now I’m here on the floor,
Sweating milk from my pores,
Would you call an ambulance please?’

A brain full of beer

A brain full of beer,
Is much harder to steer,
Than a brain which is filled-up with water,
Without the bubbles,
There are less tripping troubles,
And reaction times are shorter,
Now a brain filled with tea,
Is a delight to sea,
And the leaves make the neurons sing,
You are not what you drink,
But you are what you think,
So focus on lovely things.

A summer breeze

My list of things to do,
Once started, grew and grew,
One soon became two,
Then a gust of wind blew,
So I still haven’t bought you those shoes.