These words are the property of clever people. I'm just trying to put them in order.

Month: April, 2013

Quarter to five

Quarter to five,

and I’m still alive,

I wait for the bell to ring,

And when it’s done,

I will run

To the bus

and I will sing,

‘Oh what a day,

and there still is more,

for my day is today

and it isn’t a bore,

Oh what a day

today has been

I’ve made people smile

and other things,

There are seven hours left,

so let’s not slow down,

Please drive Mister Driver,

Take me into town!’


Unfortunately I’m in Spain so it’s possible I will look completely mad.


The problem with dwelling

The problem with dwelling

is it causes a swelling

mainly inside of your head.


It creeps up like crawlies

starts telling you stories

and says what you should have done instead.


But if truth be told

That swelling is bold

Because it clearly knows nothing of you.


Maybe if it could

it would’ve understood

that the past isn’t there to undo.

Alex Ray

Alex Ray, Alex Ray,

You wonderful man!

You turn up uninvited

like no one else can

But the invite is there

it’s just very unspoken

upon your arrival

a smile has awoken

Alex Ray Alex Ray

You have no idea,

the sky full of clouds

is now very clear.

Alex Ray Alex Ray

You’re more than I ask for

And just when I think that

there’s nothing else more

you think of the thing

that’s not on my mind

it’s hidden so well

for you to find.

Alex Ray Alex Ray,

the best chap a chap could know

and if you’re lucky enough to meet him,

Then your smile too will grow.

A Birthday Recipe.

First you take a smile,

And you wear it with pride,

Then you take laughter,

With no reason to hide,

Put them together,

And cook for an hour,

Place them in your brain,

Then observe their power.

Whatever you do,

Laugh at the rain,

It may think you’re mad,

And not come again,

But you should always remember,

Today it’s okay,

You’ll keep on smiling.

Because it’s your Birthday.

A frog in the lemon,

‘There’s a frog in the lemon!’

Said the horse to the fox,

I don’t know how it got there,

but it frightens me a lot,

‘There’s a frog in the lemon’,

said the Rabbit to the pear,

The pear said nothing,

and continued to stare,

‘There’s a frog in the lemon’,

said the dolphin to the shrimp,

The shrimp waved her arms a bit,

Because she had a limp.

‘There’s a frog in the lemon’

cried the monkey to the sea,

The sea just waved,

and the monkey let it be.

‘There’s a frog in the lemon!’

No one has that much to say,

I guess we’ll leave him to it,

and hope that he’s okay.

Things aren’t going well.

Things aren’t going well today,

But no one knows quite why,

Things aren’t going well today,

But there is no need to cry,

Things aren’t going well today,

It must be something to do with the weather,

Things aren’t going well today.

And that’s all I can tell you quite frankly; we’ll talk tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be in a much better mood.

I want a trampoline.

I want a trampoline,

That’s made out of plasticine,

I’d really like it to be green,

’cause that’s my favourite colour.


If you want a paper dish,

And that’s your only wish,

I would speak to my friend Trish,

’cause I think she has one.


We can have a barbecue,

It will be the work of me and you,

I will bounce and you will chew,

Because that’s just what we want to do.


But there will come a time one day,

When these two things might fade away,

But I know that you’re a friend to stay,

’cause you told me not to go.


But one day is the one I fear,

The time will come I won’t be near,

We won’t be able to just drink beer,

’cause I’ll already be gone.


I will miss you there’s no doubt,

There are still things I will smile about,

But just because we are not trout.

Doesn’t mean that we can’t swim.

Roses are cheaper

Roses are cheaper in the afternoon,

So that’s just when we’ll meet,

Maybe after I give you it,

We can sit and read.

I don’t have money for roses,

So I’ll write you one instead,

It will last longer than a flower,

Which is almost dead.

I cut my thumb.

I cut my thumb on the tin foil,

it was a silly thing to do,

so I hit my head on the doorknob,

‘Cause that’s quite silly, too.

One thing lead to another,

Before I knew it I was red,

So don’t be silly just like me,

and pour paint in your bed.


If you’re in a pickle,

If you’re in a pickle,

you might just be a jar,

that doesn’t mean that you’re a door,

or going very far.

So if you’re in a pickle,

Just take a look around,

Are you sitting in old brown gloop?

Or do your feet touch the ground?

If this poem hasn’t helped,

And you still feel rather lost,

Go and buy yourself a map,

and maybe that you’ll trust.